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30 Nov Christmas Countdown 2019
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Launching our 2019 Christmas Countdown!Every day a new category will be reduced, using the code Christmas1 every day.  There will obviously be some overlaps - a fabric could be red, floral, by Bonnie ..
17 Jul Fussy Cutting
Eleanor 0 216
I recently finished this cushion.  It is super easy - cut 3 squares from 3 different fabrics, then put borders around each square.  What makes the cushion is fussy cutting that inner square.  This gor..
17 Jul Free Bag Pattern
Eleanor 0 125
Ever since I first saw this range, I've had this bag in my head and wanted to share it with you! Requirements:1FQ Strippy Stripe - cut two pieces 8" x 17" (approx.; I cut 1/4" beyond the stripe ..
17 Jul Lapped Zip Tutorial
Eleanor 0 111
I've never really got on well with the more usual envelope fold; I could never judge it just right so that it would sit right!  I started using a lapped zip instead; not that much more work, and sits ..
17 Jul Fussy Cut Cushion Tutorial
Eleanor 0 351
We featured this cute cushion in our last blog entry.  It is an ideal project to try fussy cutting and here is a very approximate guide to making your own!Requirements:Fabric for fussy cutting: we use..
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