I recently finished this cushion.  It is super easy - cut 3 squares from 3 different fabrics, then put borders around each square.  What makes the cushion is fussy cutting that inner square.  This gorgeous range (Nova by Basic Gray) offered the possibility of repeating the same motif across three different fabrics, and so I can show you how I cut the same motif.

Firstly, select your motif.  You want it to be in the centre of your square, but there are other considerations.  As you will see from this photo, I was very close to another pink rose.  I didn't want that to happen, as I wanted my fussy-cut rose to be the only pink within the square.

Once you have chosen your motif, it's time to repeat it.  My tip is to position the square you have cut on top of the new square you want to cut.  This way you will be able to position it exactly.  It is easier if the fabrics are different, as otherwise, it is easy to shave a little off the side of the square!  To avoid this, use a suitable fabric pen to mark the cut edge of the square so you can see the edge.