Ever since I first saw this range, I've had this bag in my head and wanted to share it with you!



1FQ Strippy Stripe - cut two pieces 8" x 17" (approx.; I cut 1/4" beyond the stripe to have 7 complete stripes.  If slightly wider, adjust all subsequent widths to match.)

1FQ Orange Burst - cut two pieces 8" x 17", cut two pieces 2" x 20"

1/2m Indigo Linea - cut four pieces 3" x 17", four pieces 5" x 17", 2 pieces 2" x 20"

1m Vlieseline Style Vil

Magnetic catch

Scraps of Vlieseline H180, calico

From the Style Vil, first cut 2 strips 1 1/4" from the length for the handles.

Cut 2 pieces 17" x 18" from the Style Vil.  Carefully position the Stripy Stripe pieces approx 3 1/2" from the top, using Odif 505 spray or similar to baste in position.  Quilt on the line between all stripes.  Place the 3" Indigo Linea right sides together on the top, sew with a 1/4" seam to the Strippy Stripe.  Repeat on the bottom with the 5" Indigo Linea.  Press away from the central panel.  Draw a line 2" from the bottom and quilt along this line - you may find it easier to draw this line on the back.  Trim.

Piece the lining to match.

Place your outer bag panels right sides together and sew down both sides and across the bottom, taking care to align the seams.  Flatten out the bottom of the bag and draw a line 2" from the tip and sew - this should meet the line sewn 2" from the bottom:

Trim off excess 1/2" beyond sewn line. 

Gently crease the top of the lining to find the centre.  Make a small mark 1 1/4" from the seam, and press some interfacing to the back.  Carefully cut two small nicks, using the magnetic catch as a guide on how far apart to place them and how large to make them - it's better to be a little too small.  Also, cut two nicks in a piece of calico.  Push the two prongs of the magnetic catch through the lining and also through the calico, put on the back of the magnetic catch - I forgot to take a photo! - and then spread the prongs.  Repeat on the other side.  Sew lining together in the same way as the outer bag, leaving a large gap in the seam at the bottom.

Put handle pieces right sides together (one Orange Burst, one Indigo Linea) and sew down the two lengths.    Turn and press, and insert narrow Style Vil strip up the handle - it may help to pinch the top with a safety pin and pull the pin through.  Make sure it is flat and top stitch along the seams.  Repeat with other two handle pieces.  Trim excess Style Vil from ends.

Position and pin the handles - I aligned them with stripes on the Strippy Stripe panel.  Sew with a narrow seam allowance.  Put the outer bag and lining right sides together, and pin.  Sew using 1/2" seam allowance all the way around the top.  Turn out through the gap in the bottom.  Press the top seam well and top stitch to prevent the lining from rolling around the top.  Handstitch the gap in the bottom closed and enjoy your bag!