We featured this cute cushion in our last blog entry.  It is an ideal project to try fussy cutting and here is a very approximate guide to making your own!


Fabric for fussy cutting: we used three, with identical motifs.  You could use a single fabric and cut 9 motifs, which could each be different as long as they could all be cut to the same size.  Your fabric requirements will depend on the number of fabrics to be used, the size of the motifs and the repeat.  We used approx. 6" of each fabric.

Fabric for borders: again, we used three.  We used Grunge; solids or very small scale prints will work also.  We felt that the borders needed to be relatively narrow so as not to overpower the motifs.  Our borders were cut at 1 1/2" wide.  4" should suffice, though this will depend on the size of the fussy cut motifs.

Fabric for the back: this, again, will depend on the size of your motifs and borders.  Ours finished at a dainty 15" so a fat quarter was enough.

1.  Fussy cut motifs - see previous blog entry!

2.  Cut 6 lengths of each border to match the size of the fussy cut motifs - in our case, 4 3/4".  Sew to opposing sides:

3.  Press out:

4.  Repeat for the two remaining sides.

5.  Repeat for the rest of the motifs.

6. Arrange:

7.  Sew squares together in rows, nesting seams.  Sew rows together.

8. Quilt.

9.  Make cushion back.  In our case, a fat quarter was sufficient, following our tutorial for a lapped zip.