Every day, I cross the border between Northern Ireland and the UK.  It's part of daily life when you live somewhere with a complicated border (and boy, is it complicated here!) and that sometimes has unanticipated consequences.  The Irish government today (27th March) has imposed a ban on non-essential retail.  Much as I love sewing, it's not essential.  Part of my journey is in the Republic of Ireland.  At every point I have taken the most cautious approach suggested by either jurisdiction.  Besides that, these next two weeks are going to be vital to try and curb the spread of this virus in the UK and Ireland and I just can't feel comfortable with the idea that by continuing to trade I am, in my own small way, contributing to people like our valuable posties mixing unnecessarily.  For that reason, I will be ceasing all retail activity for two weeks.  If orders are placed they will not be processed until these restrictions are lifted. 

The important thing here is to stay inside and stay safe.  We'll be back with new items and some extra-special offers.